Aleksandr Kolesnychenko

Russian artist was born in July 1969 in the peninsula Crimea city Yevpatoria. Alexander Kolesnechenko is a professional artist specialised in oil painting on canvas. Since 1985 he sold more than 30 art projects .Participated in more than 100 national and international exhibitions.The artworks are in private collections in UK,Portugal,France and Spain. Alexander started his work as a painter by simple sketches when he was a young teenager. He's ideas in art work began to be influence from the trips he was most of the time as a sailorsman. You can notice how in number of his work he depicts the journey he's been through the use of colour, small boats and sea. Russian artist Alexander is famous for his abstract and impressionism paintings with his original style method using leaks. His painting "Hyperborea­the forgotten history of Atlantis" (2015) referring back to the history where abstract is showing Adam and Eva was trying to produce: beginning of a new life. Alexander presenting the painting in new way or in other words establishing the old for us not to forget the study of our past events in the history. Additionally the leaks demonstrate on the abstract relating to the image meaning the era of time.