“Sorry”  - Books representing the woman on the left from the clever side, the way the pages are turned going deeper to how time has passed, stories has not came to the end. The image says the woman remembers the good but can't forgive the past. On the right hand side the statue looks at the top where there is another figure drawn. Demonstrating that he would come back any time if she allows. Showing moment where time is timeless if there's no tolerant and forgiving.The city on the painting is Rome slightly vanished between the different parts of abstract. 


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  • Artist: Aleksandr Kolesnychenko

    • Size: 39.4 x 59.1 x 1.6 inches (100 x 150 x 4 cm)
    • Oil on canvas
    • One-Off / Ready to Send
    • No Frame Required
    • Delivery time: 3-5 working days