STUCCO veneziano

VENETIAN PLASTER STUCCO is a breathable mineral covering composed of the best quality lime putty, baked in wood burning ovens, long-cured (essential to guarantee the stability and life of the product), impalpable marble dust, vegetal additives, less than 5% of additives of organic origin (dry residue, earth and inorganic oxides. The organic colourants are used only in the colours marked with the letter “C” in order to obtain special chromatic effects. The use of lime as binder confers the maximum breathability fostering the natural diffusion of environmental humidity through the plaster and the masonry; given the high basicity, it does not foster the formation and proliferation of moulds and bacteria and thanks to the process of carbonation it forms a barrier which is tenacious and unalterable over time. The final spatula buffing technique makes the surface extremely waterrepellent and dirt resistant.

STUCCO is extremely light resistant , is non-flammable, absolutely non-toxic, and non-polluting. Due to its particular mineral composition the product may be subject (in the case of exterior application) to irregular spotting and discolouration due to the uneven absorption of the product during the application phase, and over time due to exposure to various environmental factors; in addition exposure to persistent and driving rain in the first few days following application, especially if the rain is acidic, may give rise to the formation of a superficial whitish patina caused by a chemical reaction of the not yet carbonated calcium hydroxide, a phenomenon which tends then with time to disappear with subsequent rain showers. Such imperfections should not be considered defects but rather a characteristic of the product’s natural appearance.